Here's Shaun's Story:


My name is Shaun Evans, I am a 35 year old  local runner, and I competed in an ultra-marathon this weekend.  The event was the Sweltering Summer 6 Hour race at Clapp Park in Pittsfield, MA. The race is a 6 hour timed event on a .355 mile loop in which runners try to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted 6 hours. 
I ran the race with my son, Shamus, who has cerebral palsy which limits his use of his legs.  I pushed him in his “running chariot” (large running stroller) and together we ran 125 laps for a total of 44.4 miles which earned us 1st place overall!  Although I have run 30 marathons this was my first “ultra-marathon” and Shamus and I had never run more than an hour or so together prior to the race. 
In addition I have not raced since 2011 due to the need for two separate hip surgeries in 2012 (the most recent in September 2012).   The race result was amazing and I thought it might make for a good story.  Shamus is my inspiration.  He provided the heart for the race while I provided the leg power (to push the 100 pounds around for 6 hours).

Sweltering Winners